George and Lynne Brosan

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8 Responses to George and Lynne Brosan

  1. Gloria Ericsen says:

    two comments:
    1. Why two photos of George in his Gene Kelly pose with the umbrella ?:)

    2. GEORGE, you are a vision in white lace. (love the altarboy pic)

  2. Maureen Prestifilippo says:

    I’m not sure whether this is where I should leave comments re the audio???

    Yes, it was deeply meaningful all the way through–I felt like I was tagging along with you to get 6 qts. of milk at Lachter’s Dairy at one point; I still remember being impressed by that red wagon.

    Also, talking about your mother reminded me of the time you and your brother were being punished for something (a minor infraction??). Anyway the punishment was that you were not allowed to leave your house. It was a stiffling hot day in July and my mother asked your mom whether you could come to the beach. Your mom’s reply was, “They can die of the heat right where they are; no, they cannot go to the beach”.
    As you said, right was right and wrong was wrong! No excuses!

    Critique: Why does the interviewer keep going back to NY for references? NY isn’t
    all that far from Maryland. I guess I prefer to think that it wasn’t NY, but rather the culture of the people you surrounded yourself with, was what influenced you.

    Wht say???

    • Patricia Klindienst says:

      Dear Maureen (and George/Lynn):

      I am writing a book about the Russian Jewish farmers who were neighbors of the Lachter’s and just found a few items about their dairy farm today. Would any of you be interested in sharing some information with me? The family I’m writing about were Abram [William] Spiwak and his wife Sophie Schochetman. They lived on Woodhaven Blvd. and had many large, state-of-the-art greenhouses for their nursery and cut flower business. I have a memoir by their first born son, who recalls being sent by Sophie to Lachter’s Dairy for a pail of milk when their cow wasn’t producing. I also have a photo of their daughter Lil with Frances Lachter in the Spiwak yard. If any of you can put me in touch with the Lachter descendants that’d be great. Many thanks, Patricia

      • Adam says:

        Hi Patricia,

        My Name is Adam, I am the great grandson of Samuel and Anna Lachter. My grandfather is their son, Robert Lachter. I am trying to do some research myself about the old Dairy Farm and also trying desperately to find/buy any thing from the farm (old milk bottles, pails, etc…), so one day I can pass these items down to my children and tell them about how their family came to the US and became dairy farmers. With that said, please feel free to reach out to me and I’d be happy to try and put you in touch with my grandfather, whom would know more about the farm and could possibly help you out with you book.

  3. Moira Dirr Block says:

    What a handsome guy and lovely lady! Miss you!

  4. Adam says:

    I am a descendant of the Lachter family… I’m actually trying to do some research about the old farm myself and having difficulty finding any leads on the Internet. My grandparents “Bob and Elaine Lachter” live in BoyntonBeach, FL.


    • Jeff Lachter says:


      I am Jeff Lachter and live in Cincinnati. My Great Grandfather and Great grandmother were Samuel and Anna. My father is the son of Irving, the only one to have been born in Argentina. I believe he was the 9th or tenth of twelve children. I have met your parents a few times as my dad lives in Boca Raton.

      Please contact me as I would love to share some of the pictures and info I have as well as some family heirlooms.

  5. Richard Vas Dias says:

    We lived on 63rd Avenue in the 1940s. My mom would send me–at the age of five or so–with a crockery bowl and 15 cents over to Lachters to have it topped with cottage cheese and a piece od wax paper. I remember Irving and Benny, and a third whose name I cannot recall. You must have gone to Ascension (Resurrection Ascension) as I recognize the schoolyard. Lachters’ was called the Elmhurst Dairy, I believe. When they bought the Mobil station on Dry Harbor Road, we were customers for years!

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